aberdeen flowers

Unwrapping your Flowers

Aberdeen Flowers are directly imported from Holland. Your bouquet is then made to order by your expert florists. Your flowers may take up to 48 hours to reach their full potential, because we are delighted to be able to say “they are incredibly fresh!” The added benefits are countless, their freshness means that they will last longer than usual. Certain flowers in your arrangement will take longer to open up, but will open up eventually allowing the flowers to last much longer. Please make sure that if you are placing your flowers in your own vase that you take off all the excess foliage. You do not want the foliage to be sitting in water as this can increase the bacteria in the water and therefore affect your flowers in drinking the water. The gerbera flower is particularly susceptible to excess bacteria in water.

Trimming your Aberdeen Flowers

Our Aberdeen Florists advise on always trimming your flowers on arrival. This will allow the stems of flowers to drink as much water as possible. The water will not be taken up the flower if the stems are dried, therefore cutting the stems regularly will ensure your flowers remain hydrated and therefore as fresh as possible. You are best to cut off roughly 2cm from the end of the stem and clear off any excess foliage as well. Make the cut at an angle which gives a larger surface area of the stem to then drink the water. In the past you may have been advised to smash your stems. Aberdeen Flowers would recommend against this as it can damage the water vessels within the stems and therefore have a detrimental effect on its ability to absorb the water.

Arranging your Flowers

After taking the time unwrapping and preparing your flowers then it’s time to display in an attractive vase. If your flowers are supplied in a basket or already in a vase, then don’t worry about arranging. Our Aberdeen Florists will have already expertly arranged your flowers. Make sure the container that you will be using is clean and then fill it with lukewarm water. Not too warm or too cold as this will then adversely affect the flowers uptake of water. Your Aberdeen Florist will have provided a sachet of flower food which you should add to your container before placing your flowers inside. When placing the flowers in your vase ensure that the water is below the foliage of the stems as this will increase the bacteria in the water.

Temperature and Display Area

Your flowers are best to be kept in a temperature of approximately 18 – 22 Celsius. If it is too hot then your flowers will wilt and if it’s too cold then they can be damaged. If you keep your flowers in a cooler environment then they will last longer. Do not place your flowers in direct sunlight or anywhere near radiators as this will have an immediate damaging affect. It will dehydrate the flowers and this will result in them wilting.

Last but not least, keep them away from ripening fruits, as these fruits emit small amounts of ethylene gas which can sometimes depending on the varieties of flowers in your arrangement will prematurely age your flower arrangement.

Please feel free to call one of our Expert Florists in Aberdeen who will be delighted to share some tips with you to ensure you enjoy your flowers will last as long as possible. You can either email us or call us on 01224 638 424.